Engage Sunday–This annual event is spear-headed by one of our sister churches, Pine Hills Church.  Each year in August several FEC churches from around Fort Wayne spend a Sunday morning serving the community through work projects such as repainting city fire hydrants, cleaning up our city parks, serving the elderly in our neighborhoods, and much more.  #engagesunday

Hope Pregnancy Center – We are proud to support Fort Wayne’s chapter of the Hope Pregnancy Center as many of people from our local body participate at their annual banquet and support them through prayer and giving. Website

International House Fort Wayne – this local ministry seeks to support our local refugee population through ESL classes and job assistance.  Highland Gospel Community supports their endeavors through volunteers and joint projects.  Website


a gospel community | Portland, Maine – in 2014 we helped send Eric and Mandy Wood to the city of Portland to be a light to the city.  Eric is working with several partners in Portland as they labor for the gospel of Christ.  In 2015 they began a weekly gathering called the Hill which is a contextual expression of the church.  They worship and learn the word of God together and serve the community through local projects.  The Woods are FEC church planters. Website


West Africa Initiative – the Yalunka people of West Africa were classified as an unreached people group.  The FEC denomination began reaching into this part of the world many years ago and has sent several missionaries.  We currently support the team of missionaries serving to help establish reproducing churches in this region. Website

Czechia – Scott and Caitland Andrews are studying the Czechia language initially in order to build relationships in one of the most atheistic parts of the world.  Many in Eastern Europe have completely dismissed anything spiritual, especially Christianity.  Pray for the Andrews as they continue on in their calling to win those in the Czechia to Christ and establish healthy churches. Website

Albania – Kent and Angie Mortan have been faithfully serving the people in Albania for several years.  Their hearts desire is to help build up the local churches in their region, not just in size, but in the strength of the gospel so that people’s lives are changed as they become lovers of God. Website

Awassa, Ethiopia – Argaw and Rachel Ayela were sent from this fellowship in 2010 to begin the Ebeneezer Grace Children’s Home.  They care for dozens of children ranging in age from infants to middle school age.  Many of the kids are from southern tribal groups where tribal rituals called for their death.  At great risk many moms travel for days into the town of Awassa to seek refuge for their children.  These children are now well cared for and loved.  The EGCH has been a popular missionary destination for people of Highland Gospel Community over the years and we are blessed to support their efforts in caring for these precious children. Website