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The teaching of God’s Word to children is a priority evidenced in Scripture. Concerning the commandments God gave to Moses for the nation of Israel, they were instructed to “teach them diligently to their children” (Deut. 6:7). Also, Proverbs is filled with practical wisdom we are encouraged to impart to our children, even stating that if parents “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it” (22:6).

Based upon what we see throughout the Word of God, the emphasis of training kids in godly living falls on the shoulders of parents. HGC is dedicated to equipping parents in this role.

Should you choose to have your child attend our organized Children's Ministry offered during service times, they are meant to be a supplement and support to the Christ centered teaching kids should be getting at home as parents “talk of [God’s Word] when you sit in your house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, and when you rise” (Duet. 6:7).

Simply put, when parents prioritize Jesus centered living, children follow. When gathering as the church, we want kids within this church family to enjoy relevant, age-appropriate, doctrinally sound, Bible teaching. Parents can be assured that the curriculum is sound and the oversight is done by competent, compassionate adults who dedicate their time in making our Children's Ministry successful. 

During the 10am service, we have children's ministry from nursery to 5th grade. Awana has begun and runs through May 2017. This is a midweek children's program on Wednesday evenings between 6:30-8pm. Any children 3 years - 6th grade are welcome. To find out more information and to register your child(ren) online for Awana, click the button below.

Although the word "church" in the 21st century typically denotes a building where people gather together for the worship of God and teaching of His word, the origin of the church looked different than what we see today. Jesus did much of His teaching in intimate group settings outdoors or synagogue's around Israel; and the early church met in people’s houses where they were able to share meals together and linger in conversation.

Community Groups at HGC offer a safe place for people to engage in healthy spiritual dialog. Because relationships take time to develop, Community Groups help people within the body of Christ grow in these relationships which lead to support, growth, accountability, friendship, and encouragement. Scripture says, “woe to him who is alone when he falls and has not another to lift him up!” (Ecc. 4:10).

Although Christians can grow in their spiritual walk apart from intimate groups, our hope is for the church family to “stir up one another to love and good works” (Heb. 10:24). Years of church history show those involved with smaller groups where God’s word is taught, prayer happens, and life is shared, these believers tend to grow deepest in their love for Christ.

Therefore, we encourage each person to join one of the several groups offered in and around the city of Fort Wayne. Truly, this is where life happens!

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Sunday  |  Tuesday

In short, Biblical counseling is the process where mature, qualified believers use the Word of God, as they are enabled by the Holy Spirit, to encourage those who are dealing with trials, or suffering due to sin. They help answer difficult questions and give advice for various situations based upon sound biblical principles.

Biblical counseling at HGC is confidential and led by leaders trained in counseling ministry. Biblical counseling is not designed to treat organic illnesses; therefore, we do not perform psychological evaluations, nor prescribe medication. The counselor uses Scripture as the guiding tool in seeking practical application for whatever issues arise; as well, prayer plays a key role in acknowledging our dependence on the Lord and welcoming God's presence into the process of bringing hope and restoration.

A typical counseling session lasts about an hour. After the first meeting, the counselor will make recommendations for follow-up appointments, homework and participation in other ministries within the church. The Counseling Team is dedicated to providing a compassionate listening ear and sound Biblical advice. Because individual counseling is only one aspect of our overall ministry we encourage all counselees to take part in weekly worship services and Community Groups in order to build healthy relationships with both God and the church family. 

Contact Jim Rogers at for more information and to sign up.

The Food Care Ministry would like to support you during your upcoming recovery period whether it be from the joy of bringing home a new baby, a hospital release or illness, or if you are just dealing with a difficult time in life. 
Please complete this form in its entirety.  It will be sent to our Meal Coordinator and she will then contact you to arrange a delivery schedule for the meals.  Please note that meals will not be scheduled until you have spoken with the Meal Coordinator.


Engage Sunday – This annual event is spear-headed by one of our sister churches, Pine Hills Church.  Each year in August several FEC churches from around Fort Wayne spend a Sunday morning serving the community through work projects such as repainting city fire hydrants, cleaning up our city parks, serving the elderly in our neighborhoods, and much more.  #engagesunday

Hope Pregnancy Center – We are proud to support Fort Wayne’s chapter of the Hope Pregnancy Center as many of people from our local body participate at their annual banquet and support them through prayer and giving. Website

International House Fort Wayne – this local ministry seeks to support our local refugee population through ESL classes and job assistance.  Highland Gospel Community supports their endeavors through volunteers and joint projects.  Website



a gospel community | Portland, Maine – in 2014 we helped send Eric and Mandy Wood to the city of Portland to be a light to the city.  Eric is working with several partners in Portland as they labor for the gospel of Christ.  In 2015 they began a weekly gathering called the Hill which is a contextual expression of the church.  They worship and learn the word of God together and serve the community through local projects.  The Woods are FEC church planters. Website



West Africa Initiative – the Yalunka people of West Africa were classified as an unreached people group.  The FEC denomination began reaching into this part of the world many years ago and has sent several missionaries.  We currently support the team of missionaries serving to help establish reproducing churches in this region. Website

Czechia – Scott and Caitland Andrews are studying the Czechia language initially in order to build relationships in one of the most atheistic parts of the world.  Many in Eastern Europe have completely dismissed anything spiritual, especially Christianity.  Pray for the Andrews as they continue on in their calling to win those in the Czechia to Christ and establish healthy churches. Website

Albania – Kent and Angie Mortan have been faithfully serving the people in Albania for several years.  Their hearts desire is to help build up the local churches in their region, not just in size, but in the strength of the gospel so that people’s lives are changed as they become lovers of God. Website

Awassa, Ethiopia – Argaw and Rachel Ayela were sent from this fellowship in 2010 to begin the Ebeneezer Grace Children’s Home.  They care for dozens of children ranging in age from infants to middle school age.  Many of the kids are from southern tribal groups where tribal rituals called for their death.  At great risk many moms travel for days into the town of Awassa to seek refuge for their children.  These children are now well cared for and loved.  The EGCH has been a popular missionary destination for people of Highland Gospel Community over the years and we are blessed to support their efforts in caring for these precious children. Website

Women’s Ministry shares the same purpose as the church: we exist to give God glory by loving Him with all our heart, soul, and mind, and by loving others as ourselves (Matthew 22:37-39).   While we share the same purpose as the church, our make-up is obviously different: we are women!  We seek to fulfill this purpose within Women’s Ministry by providing opportunities for women of all walks to encounter God and experience His transforming grace and presence in their lives primarily through the study of God’s Word, prayer, and Christ-centered community.  

The specific ministry opportunities we provide vary year-to-year, but our focus stays the same.  As we experience Christ-centered community together, we want women to know that they can come as they are, be known and loved as they are, and expect that God can meet and minister to them where they are.  We believe that we have been created for relationship – with God and with each other – so authentic community is an invaluable aspect of Women’s Ministry that we desire to be central in all that we do.  If you desire to join the community of women here at HGC, we would be blessed to have you!

Titus 2 Nights are evenings set aside for ladies of all ages to gather, drink tea, and listen to a personal testimony from a sister about what the Lord has done in her life. Our intention is for these nights to be an opportunity for inter-generational encouragement and discipleship in our collective pursuit to become more like Christ (Titus 2:3-5). Simply bring yourself and your favorite tea cup or mug! To find out when our Titus 2 evenings are, click on the link below!

   Titus 2 Women's Night

Young Adults FW in partnership with Highland Gospel Community is a city of young adults (Post High School-35)  who gather monthly under the banner of Jesus. We want to bring unity amongst the young adults of Fort Wayne through teaching of The Word, worship of Jesus,  community with believers, and loving our city boldly.  

Check out our upcoming gatherings at


Thank you for your interest in serving at HGC! We require that all servants fill out a Servant Application before being allowed to serve.