When I was brainstorming, I thought of:

Welcome! Glad to have you here! (different font from the body of text but wanted to keep brainstorming font the same)

Here is what to expect when you visit: (I eventually want video of possible tutorials...kid's check-in for example...or even a virtual tour. Maybe have Andrew do this?!)

We gather every Sunday (except for Christmas day, but feel free to join us for Christmas Eve Service <have a link to the event over X-mas eve text>) at 9 am and 11am at 3800 N Clinton St. in Fort Wayne, IN 46805. We are located near the Glenbrook mall and the Memorial Coliseum. (I basically want the text to be a little more friendly that what we have. Current seems kinda...cold).

If you have any further questions, feel free to drop us a line at (insert office phone #) or contact us by clicking here.

I might take away the Instagram feed at the bottom and actually update the pictures from Sunday morning with the current look. Worship, teaching, fellowshipping. That type of stuff.

Below, you can explore further with our history and who we are! (I would actually embed the links so the below would be clickable)

Our Story | Statement of Faith | Purpose | Meet the Team | Contact Us


(What is currently there, I want to change/get rid of) Sunday morning services at 9am & 11am are when our large gathering takes place at 3800 N. Clinton, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

We gather together for the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, prayer, musical worship, communion, and fellowship with one another. We teach the same Bible study at both services.

(keep the map)


(get rid of and add newer pictures, building picture being first) Below is our Instagram feed! Follow us in the app @highlandgospel