Advent: The Waiting Room

Every year we celebrate the holidays. The season seems to disappear just as quickly as it sneaks upon us. But how often do we actually slow down and focus on the role of the Advent season in our lives? We invite you to join us this Advent to learn what it means to prepare as we wait.

The Name To Be Known

What is in a name?  When Moses talked with God in the burning bush, he asked, “Whom shall I tell them sent me?”  He understood that in a name was identification, to know the name of God is to know who He is.  When God identifies Himself in His Word He is telling us who He is and what He is like.  Over the course of this series we will seek to know His character as we learn His names.

The Fullness of God Revealed

We are excited to start our series through Colossians: The Fullness of God Revealed. There is much said in this letter from Paul to a small church that was located in modern day Turkey.  In similar experiences we have today in regards to the question of who is Jesus and what is his role in our lives and in the Church,  Paul addresses some issues within the culture at that time. Join us as we examine these topics and much more over the next seven weeks. 

Encounters With Jesus

This week we begin a new series and over the next several weeks we want to look at encounters that men and women had with Jesus to see how it changed their lives. Join us as we encounter Jesus! 

Payer and Worship

We believe that prayer is vitally important within the life of a maturing believer. That is why we devoted an entire Sunday service to prayer and worship. 

Joy In Jesus

Today we begin our first study of the book of Philippians. We are so glad you are here! Trevis begins by having us consider why Paul had such great affection for the Church and what might keep us today from having that same affection.  Let's join in hearing the word of God.

The Drama of Redemption

This world is vast and mysterious often leaving people overwhelmed and at a loss for our true purpose. This series seeks to give purpose to our very being and show through Scripture that we are not abstract being but are in fact part of a major and powerful story that has been originated with, sustained by, and entirely about God.