HGC Weekly Update - May 19th


This Sunday. . . 
The purpose of the church is to bring glory to the Father.  How do we accomplish this?  By the church being what the Father intends the church to be.  We do this by being Gospel Defined through the Word, a people called out by a message of grace and redemption.  We also do it by being Gospel Driven, a family who actually gives what it has received from Christ, to one another.  Join us on Sunday, as we take a closer look at what it looks like to be a family that is moved by the Gospel, to be the Gospel for one another.

Pastor Nate


Family Meeting 
We have a family meeting this Sunday, May 19th, after the service. If you consider HGC to be your home, please stay and hear about the things going on in the family. We will have a carry-in lunch together immediately following the service, followed by the meeting. A meat entree will be provided, if you are able, please bring a side or dessert to share. We hope to see you there!

Playground Picnics 
Ladies, come hang out together at the park (whether you have kids or not), this Wednesday, May 22, between 11-1. Bring a packed lunch if you'd like. In case of rain, we will meet in the church building.

Men's Breakfast 
Come join us on Saturday, June 1st. We’ll have a full breakfast and coffee as we relax and hang out together, and hear from a brother in the body.

HGC Weekly Update - May 12th


This Sunday. . . 
Last Sunday, we talked about the church being Gospel Defined, Driven, and Declaring.  Where do we get that from?  Where does the Gospel that we are defined by, come from?  This Sunday, we talk about God's Word.  My hope is that this weekend, our love for Scripture is strengthened. That our passion for the Word is intensified.  God has preserved and protected HIS Word for us.

Pastor Mike


Get to the Park! 
Come hang out together at Shoaff Park on Saturday, May 18th @ 1:00pm.  We will meet up at the basketball courts/playground. There are lots of activities we can do; frisbee golf, basketball, walking trails, playground.  Don't forget to bring a frisbee, basketballs etc. for the activities you're interested in.

Family Meeting 
We have a family meeting coming up on Sunday, May 19th.  If you consider HGC to be your home, please come and hear about the things going on in the family.  We will have a carry-in lunch together immediately following the service.  A main entrée will be provided, please bring a side or dessert to share, if you are able. 

HGC Weekly Update - May 5th


This Sunday. . . 

Text: 1 Peter 2:9-12

What is the Church?  Why does it exist?  What is its purpose?  What about HGC?  Do we have a point, or is it just something we do?  The church, we are told in the Bible, was purchased by the precious blood of Jesus, and is the bride of Christ.  Those sound like pretty important descriptions, and are worth our consideration.  Join us Sunday, as we look at what the Bible has to say about our purpose as a church, and even more so as a local church called Highland Gospel Community.

Spring Cleaning 
Join us this Saturday, May 4th at 9am to help out with projects around the church! 

Titus 2 
Ladies, join us Monday evening at 7pm, May 6th, for Titus 2!  We will meet at Karen Winteregg's home, 11129 Bushnell Ct.  We are looking forward to hearing from Leslie Bird and Rhonda Steiner. Plan to carpool, if you're able, to help with limited parking. 

Family Picnic Sunday 
Pack your lunch, and join us for our first Family Picnic Sunday, May 5th!  These picnics are scheduled for the first Sunday of every month. We hope you can join us!

HGC Weekly Update - April 18th

This Sunday. . . 
Mark 16:1-8

Why is Easter Sunday so important?  Paul said if it isn’t true that Christ raised from the dead, then all our preaching is worthless and so is our faith. Thankfully, one silent observer on that first Easter Sunday tells a very important message for all who come to Christ.  The stone that covered the tomb of Jesus Christ is not actually silent, but testifies to all who will listen about the reality of His resurrection.  Join us Sunday as we celebrate our risen Savior!

-Pastor Nate


 Good Friday Service 
Join us tomorrow at 1pm for our Good Friday service! 

 Moving at Redemption House 
This Saturday, April 20th at 9am. The furniture will be moved into their second house and they could use some helping hands. Let us know by email if you are able to serve! 

Financial Support Opportunity
This summer in July a team of 14 will be heading over to Albania on a short term missions trip to help with another English Camp.  The Schumachers and the Morses along with 7 people from Westwood Fellowship will be going.  The total budget for the entire group is $24,410 of which $9,100 has already been raised or committed.  The money raised helps to cover expenses for the team as well as assisting Albania families so that they can attend the camp.  If you would like to help us financially in the fundraising you can give to HGC designated for Albania.

HGC Weekly Update - April 25th


 This Sunday. . . 

Why have an extended Worship and Prayer service?  Because we need to remember that we don’t go to church for ourselves to see what we get out of it, but we go in order to worship and call out to the one who is only worthy of our praise.  We come together, so that together we can worship Him who is the reason for the Church.  Join us on Sunday as we spend our morning with extended worship and prayer.
Pastor Nate

 Spring Cleaning 
Join us Saturday at 9am to help out with projects around the church! 

 National Day of Prayer 
Join us on Thursday, May 2nd at 7pm as we participate in the National Day of Prayer.